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Mill Hill Holdings is owned by Patrick J. Owens.

We own and rent several townhomes in Trenton New Jersey, in the charming and National Historic district of Mill Hill, in addition to locations across from Waterfront Park near Trenton Thunder Stadium.

We pride ourselves in providing clean and affordable homes in the bustling city of Trenton.

We want our tenants to make their rentals into homes that you are proud of. After all, if you are proud of your home, you will likely keep your home clean and well maintained.

In order to keep our tenants happy, we repair issues quickly when reported, and we continuously upgrade various aspects of the townhomes (bathroom remodels, kitchen upgrades, new door frames, new paint, new direct electrical outlets for air conditioners, etc).

We go above and beyond with management of our homes. For instance, although the lease does not provide for any clothes washers or dryers, we may add those for the tenant as a thank you for rent being paid on time, and homes being kept clean.

If you would like to know what rental homes are available, please see our Availability page in the Rental section.


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